Prisoners File Lawsuit in Response to Systematic Excessive Force at YCP

Today, the Chavez-Freed Law Office and Abramson & Denenberg, P.C. filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of inmates incarcerated at York County Prison. For months, pretrial detainees — who have not been convicted of any crime — have suffered the consequences of York County’s contract with Joseph Garcia and his company, CSAU1, to develop militaristic policies and to train York County correctional officers. The pretrial detainees have been subjected to military-style weaponry, systematic mental anguish, physical abuse, and an abusive environment of constant terror.

In the United States of America, no person or entity is above the law. York County, Mr. Garcia, and CSAU1 have been violating the constitutional rights of the detainees at York County Prison, and they will be held to account for their wrongdoing. The Chavez-Freed Law Office is proud to stand with the People. Along with Abramson & Denenberg, P.C., we are eager to confront the defendants in a federal court of law. Read our full press release here.