Civil Rights Law

In the United States of America, No person or entity is above the law, regardless of station or position. Yet often the justice system seems to work differently depending on who you are and what you have. At Chavez-Freed, we are tireless pursuers of full and complete justice in the area of civil rights, no matter one’s circumstances. We work tirelessly to hold government actors accountable when they hurt people. We fear no litigation, and we welcome the opportunity to journey with our clients to true justice. Our loyalty is only to our clients, the Pennsylvania Constitution, and the U.S. Constitution. We have no allegiance to prisons, jails, police departments or prosecutors. Our allegiance belongs only to our clients.

Passionate representation

Chavez-Freed Law Office genuinely and deeply cares for our clients, the outcomes of their cases and the quality of their lives after litigation. We serve people who have been harmed by the government, with a wide range of civil rights violations, including:

  • Police misconduct
  • Excessive force
  • False imprisonment
  • Illegal stops, searches and seizures
  • Death of a loved one by guards or police
  • Discrimination

The United States Constitution is very clear about the rights of all people, and it is our unwaivering commitment and constant mission to ensure our justice system lives up to these standards.

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