Anti-Discrimination Work

The United States has a variety of federal anti-discrimination laws designed to prohibit discriminatory or unfair treatment of any individual based on race, religion, color, disability, age, sex, gender identity or other protected class. Despite this, discrimination is still a reality for many people across the nation, and in many cases powerful billion-dollar corporations and government agencies are the perpetrators. At Chavez-Freed, we are passionate advocates for people of all backgrounds in their pursuit of justice and we unapologetically and aggressively represent our clients in and out of court to hold the wrong-doer accountable, and to obtain justice for our clients.


Experiencing discrimination can be heartwrenching, isolating, discouraging, and frustrating. No person should be discriminated against. Because of Federal and State law, legal recourse through various commissions and our Courts are available to correct the discriminatory action and hold the discriminating party responsible for their illegal and unjust actions. 

Skilled advocacy

Discrimination is often found in the workplace, in shopping malls, restaurants, employment processes, and within government agencies. The Chavez-Freed Law Office is proud to take a stand against discriminaton and to protect our clients from these injustices.


If you’ve been discriminated against, you have legal recourse. Partner with knowledgeable legal advocates who will fight to get you the compensation and relief you deserve.

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