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The Chavez-Freed Law Difference

Too often there appears to be two systems of justice in our country, one for the rich and one for the poor and working classes. Too often the poor and working classes are over charged and pushed into plea deals for fear of going to trial and spending lengthy sentences imprisoned. For far too many years the power difference between the state and the people has run rampant. State agencies have in many documented cases trampled the rights of the poor and working classes in this country. In fact, some state actors behave as though they are above the law and the U.S. Constitution does not apply to them. I forcefully disagree. It is my sincerest desire to serve the poor and working classes in this country, and to stand with my client as we, together attempt to rectify the damage done to them by the state.

So what specifically is the Chavez-Freed Law Difference?

  • I will not take money from you that you do not have if I am defending you in a criminal case, although in some cases clients are asked to pay for court filing fees or other out of pocket expenses.
  •  I will zealously and aggressively defend your constitutional and state rights, diligently working towards your best legal outcome.
  •  You will be my priority. I don’t have a traditional boss, meaning I don’t work in a firm where I am answerable to someone at the top of the firm. I work only for my client. My client in many respects is the boss; he or she is given as much information needed in order to drive his or her own legal path.
  • I remain accessible to my clients, returning all calls and emails within 24 hours. If my client is imprisoned, I will routinely make contact with him or her to keep my client informed of his or her legal options and to present updates throughout the process of the representation.
  • In civil cases, which by definition are non-criminal, I will not take money up front from you that you do not have. If you win a money judgment or a settlement is reached, I will take an previously agreed upon amount prior to the representation.
  • Again, in a civil case, the client is my priority. I will aggressively fight to remedy the constitutionally protected right violated by the state actor. A state actor is a person who is acting on behalf of a governmental body, and is therefore subject to regulation under §1983, which prohibits the federal and state governments from violating certain rights and freedoms. A state actor can be a prison guard, a prison warden, a police officer, a welfare worker, a social worker working on behalf of a state agency etc.

Lastly, at Chavez-Freed Law, my clients are my priority, the United States Constitution and the Pennsylvania Constitution are my roadmaps, and the very best legal outcome for my client is my singular goal.

If you would like a free legal consultation regarding your legal problem, please call, write, or email my office.